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Package Composition:

 - Outcase (185 x 228 x 15mm)

 - Classified Folder (182 x 225 x 10mm)

 - Index No. 1 & Photo (25ea) - 170 x 220mm

 - Index No. 2 & OST & Credits (5ea) - 170 x 220mm

 - Index No. 3 & Film Photo (2ea) - 170 x 220mm

Track List:

1. "That Kind of Person" (그런 사람) - Han Dong-geun 
2. "On a Secluded Road" (타이틀 외딴길에서) - Sondia, Kim Joon-Hwi 
3. "My Day" (나의 하루) - Sondia
4. "Where Are You" - KATIE
5. "I remember this moment" (이 순간을 기억해요) - Youngbae Ko of Soran
6. "With You Under the Sky" (하늘 아래 그대와) -  Huh Gak 
7. "With You Under the Sky" (하늘 아래 그대와 (English Ver.)) - Safira.K 
8. "When I Close My Eyes" - Choi Sol Ji (최솔지) 
9. "Your undercover" - Park Mi Ji (박미지) 
10. "Into the battlefield" - Ahn So Young (안소영), Hong Seung Hyun (홍승현) 
11. "Dark Forces" - Park Min Ji (박민지)
12. "Untruth" - Ahn So Young (안소영), Hong Seung Hyun (홍승현) 
13. "Sunrise" - Um Gi Yeop (엄기엽) 
14. "Lonely Road" - Park Min Ji (박민지) 
15. "A door without a memory" - Um Gi Yeop (엄기엽) 
16. "The widow’s cruse" - Um Gi Yeop (엄기엽) 
17. "Successful Resolution (성공적해결)" - Roark, Park Kyu Seo (박규서) 
18. "Clues to the Crime" - Eom Gi Hyun (엄기현)
19. "Traces of the Past" - Kim Tae Jin (김태진) 
20. "Endless Run (끝없는질주)" - Roark, Park Kyu Seo (박규서) 
21. "A Secret Agent" - Park Min Ji (박민지)


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